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Preparation is Key


As I have been pondering this week's topic, all that I continued to hear around me was preparation is key. Key to what? I guess you could say it is what unlocks the door for what you are waiting for. As the phrase, "preparation is key" whirled around in my head, I became overwhelmed by all the thoughts rolling around in my head. Wow, this is so much bigger than a short blog, but I will do my best to not share the full brain dump with you, but key relevant points that will help you understand how preparation is the key to your success in life, marriage, ministry, business. Essentially anything you chose to do.

Here are a couple of questions that immediately popped into my head. What are you waiting on? What are you waiting for? These two questions sum up the whole statement in some strange way. Throughout our lives on multiple occasions we will be forced to answer one of those questions. Maybe even multiple times a day. While some people welcome the waiting process there are those of us, that despise it. Can we just be honest about that for a moment? I mean honestly, I'm not one that takes pride in the process of waiting. In fact, I feel like it slows me down and keeps me captive to a process. I feel like if only I had the very things, I was waiting on everything else would be completed and ready to go. To say I'm a bit impatient, is probably an understatement. That is why, I continually find myself, in a position of waiting. However, I have done some serious reflection and realized that in my life of achievements, there are some things that are underdeveloped due to my lack of preparation. See the waiting process is a gift. We need to stop looking at it as an obstacle and realize that in that special time of waiting, we can prepare for the very thing we are waiting on.

One of the first thoughts that comes to mind around waiting, is when a couple finds out that they are going to have the blessing of a baby. This is an exciting time. The parents wait in

great expectation for each phase of when they can find out more about their baby. Initially, it is the test that is confirmed and yet the mom's body hasn't changed yet, doesn't feel any different. Not even sure if it is real, but one day she feels the flutter of her unborn child or hears the heartbeat for the very first time. Imagine the excitement and thrill to confirm that there is indeed life inside her body, growing and developing in the womb. Then the phase of gender reveal, and the excitement to know that not only do you hear the heartbeat feel the flutter, but now you know the gender of the baby. We must not forget that during this time,

not only is the waiting designed for the parents, but it is critical for the baby to wait until their fully developed. So, during this time of waiting, preparation is key! Preparation that is taking place in every way possible.

Think about having new furniture delivered. From the time you purchase the furniture until the day they deliver it, you are waiting for the arrival. You may be thinking about how you will set the room up, where everything will be positioned. You may be cleaning and washing the walls where the new furniture will find its home. You are clearing out the room to make room for the new items. You are preparing for the new furniture. During the time of waiting, preparation is key.

What about in business? This still holds true. Many entrepreneurs start their business because they want to be their own boss, but never really consider the cost, and preparation that needs to take place. It is critical that during the time of waiting to land that big contract, you are working on setting up your infrastructure, building systems that will help you manage the workload and production that will be required. Establishing your finances and what that will look like is critical to ensuring proper business. While you are waiting for the business to grow, it isn't a time to sit and do nothing. Consider this, waiting is an action

word; this is when you are to be preparing for the next phase. The next big sales spike, the next layer to your business. To maintain success in your business you need to continue to build out strategies for the next level while you are waiting in the present.

There is really no difference between a baby, furniture, or a business when it comes to preparing. Preparing for the bigger vision, is what will make you successful. Preparing for the long-term instead of sitting idle waiting on short term solutions. Take this time and season to prepare for what is ahead. Here are 4 steps to help you prepare for what you are waiting for.

1. Declutter- Remove anything that may be in the way. So many times, we are unable to see beyond our immediate circumstances due to limited beliefs, fear, or possibly just junk. Make sure to clean out the old things to make room for the new. If you are not getting rid of things that are not working you won't be able to implement the new. Now is a great time to evaluate your processes and determine if they really are working for your business, and will they work for the next 5-10 years.

2. Design- Once you have a clear space, take time to envision what it will look like with the thing you are waiting for. If you are looking at expansion in your business, take time to lay out what that vision looks like. Map it out, make sure that you have the proper structural support. If you're waiting for the arrival of a baby, lay out the nursery, what the room will look like. Have fun during the preparation period.

3. Develop- Here's where you can develop goals and establish what needs to be done to sure up your infrastructure. During this time, you're preparing your staff, building your teams, and making sure that all processes are in place. Here's where you are buying extra diapers and putting the crib together. You're developing the room or business you designed.

4. Drive- It's go time! Now it is time to get everyone moving in the same direction. You are prepared for what is about to happen. You are working on all cylinders ready for the next level in your business, or the next phase of your life.

Once you've taken that fourth step you realize that the preparation process wasn't such a long wait after all. You were able to be productive during that season and now you are in a stronger and healthier position. Preparation is key to everything you do. Your success will be determined by your preparation. Are you ready to get started in preparing for the next big move in your life or business? We're here to partner with you, to explore the opportunities where your preparation will be key.

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