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Blind Spot


Today I want us to think about blind spots. You know that area when you start to move into another lane, and all is clear and then you hear the annoying, jarring, and embarrassing sound of a car horn blaring? That is called our blind spot. Something was there but we were so focused on what was around us that we could see that we missed that blind spot. Have you ever realized that when that sound of the horn blares, suddenly you can see the car that you are nearly hitting? Isn't it amazing how that blind spot becomes so clear?

In life, I have found that as I’m driving down the road of life, there are times where I become aware of a blind spot that if not addressed properly could be detrimental or damaging to my life. I want to continue to think about the blind spot in the context of the car ride. So, let's take a ride down life's way for a moment. During your life, as you are on the road, driving along, you may find that you are exceeding the speed of another, and you want to move over into another lane. You look around, and see no harm in doing that, so you proceed to shift lanes. Suddenly you hear that sound, the jarring sound of the horn. Our normal tendency is to quickly retreat into our original position and slow down. Making sure that no one is injured or hurt in the process. Some people may speed up and cut the other car off not impacting the car, but certainly causing some emotional damage to the driver.

Blind spots can harm us, and those around us as we navigate life. The problem is, they are blind spots. We don't see them. They are not something we are aware of, or they would not be a blind spot. So how in life, do we identify blind spots so that we can move forward and not retreat or speed up and cause emotional damage to others. Most of the time, just like on the highway, depending on where I am on the road, I can see your blind spot. It is clear to me and I can see the danger attached to it. The question is, does anyone around you tell you? Do you have a circle or system in place to let you know when you are headed for danger due to a blind spot? Most of the time we either don’t or do and choose not to listen.

One of the greatest blind spots in my life, was self-sabotaging relationships. I knew the dream, qualities and support I desired in a husband. I knew where I hoped to be in my life financially, emotionally, and spiritually. I understood and was clear on that. Why was it so difficult to find a good man? Then my sister said something that jarred me just like that horn. Immediately I started doing some soul searching to figure out what my problem really was, and it was at that moment, that I allowed God to do some amazing work in me to heal me from all the past wounds. Not too long after that my husband appeared out of nowhere.

What area in your life, have you been struggling to "get ahead"? Every time you start to accelerate, you realize something jars you back to a position of just simply making it down the road. I want you to be successful in life, business, relationships, and finances. You need to be whole, but our reality is that there are blind spots that are stopping progressing. Take inventory, make a list of the areas that you are not seeing change where you want to. Once you've created that list, think about your past experiences, current situation and see if there is a common denominator. If you identify that, you will find a blind spot that needs to be addressed. Ask those closest to you, that will be honest or hire a coach. The coach’s responsibility is to partner with you to explore those areas and guide you differently for different results. Are you ready to succeed in ways you never expected possible? We want to partner with you. We believe we're better together. Let's explore success through coaching!

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