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I hope you're all ready for today, because it is time for us to LEVEL UP! Take a moment and think about what I just said. What does this mean to you? This is going to be one of those blogs, you may want to take notes for self-reflection. Write down what it means to you. Say it out loud, "LEVEL UP!" How did that make you feel? Be honest with yourself, and dig deep into this. We talk about getting to your Maximum Potential, but in order to do that, you have to peel back the limited belief systems you have created or that were created since birth. So work has to be done to reveal your authenticity! Remember diamonds are created in the pressure of the earth's core; the olive has to be under extreme pressure to produce the valuable oil. So removing the layers, will not be easy, or feel good during the process, but it is necessary in order to LEVEL UP! I don't know why I feel that has to be in all caps, but every time I hear it, say it, type it, or read it I feel a commanding authority to do it. It's not an ordinary level up, no it's time to LEVEL UP! Mean it, do it, no more excuses.

Now that I've went on and on about it, do you even know what I’m talking about? Maybe your response isn't the same as mine because you're trying to figure out what in the world I'm talking about. Well, here it is, Leveling up simply means to improve your current situation with a shift. I don't know how many of you have every had to drive a car with a manual transmission but you will not be able to go any faster until you SHIFT into the next gear. That's what it means to LEVEL UP! Shift, move, take action for change. Are you ready to LEVEL UP? Do you understand why now, I feel it needs to be in all caps, it isn't a simple little shift it is a drastic step that will help you to accelerate where you're at. Think about this, what areas are you looking for acceleration? By leveling up you will do that.

This week I heard that term, and while there was excitement in it, the words stung to the core of my being. Why did that hurt so much? After taking time to examine it, I have realized it is because I've been saying this for years to my husband. We need to do some things different. We need to increase some areas of our lives and the only way to do it is to sit at the right tables. It's time to LEVEL UP! So, why haven't I done it? Clearly I know I’m need to? This is where further examination had to be done. Honestly, why haven't I moved out of my comfort zone? The same reasons you haven't. Fear, insecurity, lack of confidence, moving takes work and these are just a few reasons why. While I'm a master of wrapping these excuses into beautiful packages of, I’m too busy, I can't do one more thing, I’m working on other projects, (insert your favorite excuse here) the reality is being stretched is uncomfortable. Being stretched, sitting at tables where you will grow isn't always fun, or easy but it is so necessary in order to level up! We can't possibly get to the next level staying comfortable.

My husband has used this example before and it is so true. If you want to soar with eagles stop pecking with the chickens. I'm such a visionary, that I see things in pictures a lot in my mind.

So when someone makes that statement I hear it in pictures. So what I see is a chicken coop full of chickens, looking down pecking for food. Rarely looking up, and one rooster in the coop ruling over the chickens. It's never in brilliant colors, it is always overcast and dim. Even if I purposely try to see sunlight, it is still a shadow mood in the chicken coop. Content and comfortable, but closed in dreary. Limited space but comfortable, enough.

When I see an eagle, I see FREEDOM. I see it soaring high in the sky where there are no restrictions. The sky brings peace, and the wings expanded is where the wind carries him. The eagle is working with the winds, the elements don't frighten it. Why, because he can always go higher. He's unrestricted.

Which picture demonstrates where you want to be? For me, it's the eagle. I want to be with the eagle. How do we know that? First we have to look up and see him. We have to know that there is something bigger than our current circumstance. How will you know that, if you keep your head down focusing on the things you think will keep you alive? Listening to people that haven't seen the eagle either, or maybe they are telling you, well that's not for you. You'll never soar like an eagle. You have to surround yourself, with others that have already been where you want to go. Someone that can tell you it is possible to fly. It's possible to be more than you are today. It's possible to accomplish all you want to do. It's possible! It's possible! It's possible! What if I told you, the answers are already inside of you? You've been looking and praying for answers, that God has already provided to you. Stop looking down and change your perspective. It's time to LEVEL UP! It's time to go higher than you have before. It's not going to be easy but it will be rewarding!

Here are three ways you can begin to LEVEL UP.

  1. What is stopping you? Identify the limited belief, so that you can remove it. You can't confront what you haven't acknowledged. This is work, it will be uncomfortable, but YOU CAN DO IT! I believe in you. I know you can do all that you want to do. I can see it in you, can you see it?

  2. What does your circle look like? If your circle isn't challenging you and causing you to grow and think differently, you need to find another one. Jim Rohn said it like this, "You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with." Think about that, if you are the average of the five people you spend time with, is it time to make a change? Think about this in all areas of your life and business. Look at it financially, emotionally, strategically, who is in your circle, and what are you talking about?

  3. Who holds you accountable? I truly believe that you have to resource up. What I mean by that, is that you have to get a mentor or coach in the area where you want to be. Someone that has crushed the level you want to get to. They will be able to help you LEVEL UP! It's critical to find a resource that will ask the tough questions, show you what "more" looks like, and hold you accountable to meet your goals.

I'm absolutely confident that you can LEVEL UP! You will have to put the time and effort into it, but the reward will be great. Are you ready to get to the next level? Are you ready to do self-reflection, and make the necessary changes? I'm so excited for what is on the other side of your YES! You've got this and can do it. Our coaches are here available to assist you LEVEL UP.

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