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Intentional Growth

When you tell yourself, you need to do something, is it on purpose? Have you asked your children or family to do something on purpose? Of course you have. We all do it. When we ask someone to help with something there is always a purpose! If there wasn't a purpose we wouldn't waste our breath, right? If you ask those closest to me they will tell you that I voluntell them to do things, which proves there is a reason behind it. This caused me to think about purpose, and things we do, and how to move into our purpose, I began to think about how intentional God is when he does things, and if he is that intentional shouldn't I be? Okay so this blog, is going a totally different way than I initially imagined, but I’m just going to continue to go down this road for a moment. Let's look at Genesis 1 for some guidance on being intentional.

  • In the beginning: heavens and earth created

  • Day 1: light was created, this divided darkness and light and he name light day and darkness night

  • Day 2: sky (Space) was created, he separated the heavens from earth

  • Day 3: dry land, vegetation, trees, fruit, seed bearing fruit

  • Day 4: Sun, moon, and stars created

  • Day 5: Creatures that live in the sea and in the air were created

  • Day 6: Animals that live on the land (each producing off spring of the same kind), humans

  • Day 7: He rested

In this chapter you see how intentional God is about what he is doing. To the point that when he created the vegetation and animals he specifically says with seed bearing, or producing off spring. He saw the bigger vision. He didn't just say oh let me create something today. No that was intentional and well planned and thought out. He even allowed himself time to rest. Why is it when we do things, we don't use the same intentional process to lay out the proper foundation. As I was reading the scripture this morning, I was reminded that he created everything at a specific time. He couldn't have created the birds if there wasn't a sky to fly in. He couldn't have created animals that couldn't swim if there wasn't any land. He couldn't have created humans first, we wouldn't have survived. He started his creation and very intentionally planned out what he would do first. It's not a coincidence that day 1 he created light. What happens when you are in the light? You are able to see better. Noticed he worked when there was light. Now I know God is God so he see everything but think about what he did. He created the boundary of time (this light and darkness made 1 day). Before he started he created boundaries, this shows you the importance of creating the boundaries before anything else. Then he knew we needed a form of light always, so created the sun and moon so even when it was dark we could see. This is all very intentional.

My question for you is, have you laid out your intentional plan for what you want to do next? I specialize in business, and work with entrepreneurs that are in the startup phases. I hear time and time again, is that they are having to redo things because they've learned through their process what not to do. The tendency is to focus on the "fun" aspects of your business, what you want to do. We don't spend the time to do what is necessary to make it a viable thriving business. I've learned over time, people are making costly mistakes because they are not willing or don't think to be intentional about all aspects of the business. The goal is to do what we love and make money doing it, right? Of course, we also want to live in a house that is beautiful and structured for our family. Would you build your dream home without a foundation? Would you just buy all the pretty finishing without any walls? I know that sounds absurd right, but we are doing this in many aspects of our lives, and then upset when things fall apart.

Using a business as an example there are specific steps required that need to be done before creating a cute logo and name. Hard questions need to be asked, difficult discussions have to be made to build the foundation for success. One big MUST, is doing as God did and set your boundaries. Now it can happen quickly, but if you create your birds, before there is a place for them to fly, you will not be successful. If you build your dream home without a foundation, it will not be sustained through the storms. You will have to go back and build again, which drains your resources and time.

So what if you are not creating a business, how does this apply to you? Let's look at it in this way; when you ask your children to take all the old clothes out of the closet that don't fit them anymore, is there a reason? Maybe you ask your children to collect all the toys they no longer play with anymore, is there a reason? Sure there is, you are being intentional because you see the bigger picture. You are creating space for new items. We all outgrow things and we have to be intentional about getting rid of the things that no longer fit. In this space your foundation is already set, but there are phases to the build. In order to build stronger and better we always go through times of growth and resets. So maybe this is the season you're in. You realize that there are some things that no longer fit. What do you need to let go of, to create space for the "new".

How many attitudes, habits, and thoughts could we get rid of? Think about that for a moment… what do you need to get rid of? We want to move forward into so many things, but what do you have to be intentional about leaving behind to get there. I have to say that as I have started my business, and worked with others through the process I have realized that there are things we do unintentionally, and intentionally and typically the things we do with intention gets us to our goals. It is when I am intentional about setting goals, intentional and keeping them, and intentional on recording success I see the manifestation of what I want. How many of you have created vision boards? Same concept, you intentionally pick pictures or words, that show what you want where you're going and as you look at it regularly, you see that you are moving toward those things. If it doesn't drive you into intentional action, then it is just a picture on your wall. You have to look at the vision board intentionally with action behind it.

My friend posted on FB and asked a simple question. What are you doing to prepare for the answers to the prayers you've asked? Hmm… hit pause, and think about that. What are you doing to intentionally prepare for the outcome you have been praying about? What are YOU doing to PREPARE for the answers to your prayers? We know that God can and will do it, the question is are you prepared? If we are intentional in planning for the desired outcome, then we will be prepared when it comes. My husband said something similar to this you can't plant carrots and expect to get tomatoes. What you plant is what you will harvest, which is true in all areas of our lives. We have to be intentional on what we are planting so the harvest is what we want it to be. Wouldn't it be horrible if I planted carrots, and built my entire business operation around grapes? I market to wineries, fruit vendors, and jelly makers. I build my rows to plant and create an environment where grapes will prosper, but didn't take time to intentionally purchase grape seeds? Okay so maybe this is an exaggerated example, but really think about it. What are you intentionally doing to grow? How are you building your future to be prepared for what you are expecting?

Most of the time we expect to see immediate results however, the results will last as long as your foundation will sustain it. So I can quickly build a house without a firm foundation, but when the first storm comes, it will not last. We recently went through a home renovation and the entire reason was due to a flood that took place because of plumbing issues. Upon further inspection our contractor mentioned that our second floor appeared to be sagging in our kitchen area. Sure enough it was. However, we thought it was due to a window that had been put in, but without the proper structure. Once we started the project of securing our second floor in the kitchen, I asked to have French doors added. I love the natural light, and outdoors, so my husband agreed. Without the long version of the story, while they were preparing for the new doors, they found the issue with our house. It has been built 4 inches off the foundation. The issue wasn't that the window wasn't in properly, the issue was that the back side of house was not build on the foundation, and over time, with the movement of the ground below it, a shifting took place. Had we not addressed the lack of foundation, the entire back of the house would have eventually over time fallen in. While the foundation feels like a very small part, it will ensure that you are able to maintain and sustain growth. The foundation is essential to how and what you are building. I like to see quick results, but my husband continues to remind me that the best results come from the growth that is NOT seen rather than the flower that appears. The root of the tree, have to grow deeper in order to sustain the growth that we actually see at the top.

How are you preparing for the results you are looking for? Take time and reflect on that, and really consider the things that you need to let go of, the things that you need to strengthen yourself, your family, and or your business. Success costs, you have to be willing to be intentional to get the right results.

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Annell Belfield
Annell Belfield
07 mars 2021

Holly this is an amazing article, Very thought provoking. Thank You, I am going to really put some thought into this for myself. Loved It!!!!! Love ya, Annell

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