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The above picture is a power pose that I was sharing while speaking at a conference on Confidence. I was sharing with the ladies, that there are power poses that will help build your confidence if you feel you need a boost prior to a meeting with your boss, or a big interview. So now, every time I see this picture I'm reminded that repositioning is required at times! So today, I want to stretch and challenge you to reposition, just like Peter did, when he got out of the boat, and did something he didn't know he was capable of.

As I was praying for my business, this became so clear to me and I knew I had to share it. ACTIVATE! Of course, this topic will take more than one post, but I believe this will give you practical steps to ACTIVATE your faith!

GET OUT OF THE BOAT! Yes, you heard me correctly, GET OUT OF THE BOAT! The only reason Peter knew that he could walk on water, is because he activated his Faith and got out of the boat to walk towards Jesus. Peter believed Jesus at His word! Think about that, He just did it. He believed what Jesus said and he did it. Have you ever had those times when you moved and did something without even thinking about it, and later you think, what made me do that? You were operating from your spirit not your mind. When Peter began to think about it or realize what he did that's when began to doubt which caused him to sink.

Consider this for a moment…. You're sitting at your desk and you are praying and asking God, "help me build this business, give me the strategy and clients to work with." Jesus says, "just do it!" Make it happen, get out of your boat (whatever that symbolizes for you.)" So you as an act of faith, do it. You realize, that yes, I can do this. Then the next month comes, and you find yourself doubting God is this really what you want me to do, save me God show me if this is really what I'm supposed to be doing and He gently picks you up, and says, if I did it last month, why wouldn't I do it again. Trust MY Process! Maybe you say well, I won't even get out of the boat! God has told me to start a business and yet I find it difficult to know where to start so I'm stilling in the boat where the waves are threatening but I know what to expect in here.

I want to encourage you today. Reposition, stand up, power pose, and allow your mind to feel the confidence it needs to believe! Faith, have and activate it! Don't Give Up until you See it! Start telling yourself, I can, I will, ACTIVATE!

F- fact over fiction you need to understand that the fact is, "Faith is the substance of things "HOPED" for and the evidence of things not seen". Hebrews 11:1 If you could see it, touch, it or believe it, you wouldn't need faith that you could do it.

A- action- you must have action. The Bible says in James 2:26 "faith without works is dead." this means that if you aren't doing something then what you are hoping for will not been seen.

I- Intentional - You must be intentional about what you're doing. You are hoping for something unseen, so you have to determine that you will activate action and faith in your life, so that you can see the unseen thing come into being.

T-talk about it. In Romans 10:17, the Bible says, "So then Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God." Talk about what you are believing for, find scriptures that support it and repeat it. God's word will NOT/ NEVER return void, it will always accomplish what it is sent out to do. (Isaiah 55:11)

H-hope- you need to hope for it. You are activating faith by hoping (believing) for a desirable outcome.

If you have read this, and you feel like you're unable to move forward in your life or business, we are here to help. Please schedule time to discuss how we can support you.

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