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Get Out Of The Boat

As a Coach it is my job to help my clients reframe thoughts, and eliminate their limited belief system. I find that the biggest barrier to our business, relationships, or frankly anything we desire is....US! We get in our own way all the time. That is why it is helpful to have a coach. A coach asks the difficult questions, they identify your blind spots, and help you find solutions to getting to your maximum potential.

Today, as I was praying for my business, I heard very clearly, "GET OUT OF THE BOAT"! Well, frankly I'm in a chair, and I could absolutely get out of my chair and do some exercise that is for certain! However, I knew there was more to that. So as I further inquired I realized that in Matthew 14:22-33 is where I would find the answer to the statement. This is the story that we are probably all familiar with, where Peter stepped out of the boat and started walking on water. There are soooo many lessons just in this portion of scripture that I could use for my business, but this is what came to me today.

The only reason Peter knew he could walk on water is because he activated his faith, and got out of the boat. Had he not taken the first step to get out of the boat, he wouldn't have been able to walk on water. Here's the dialog that took place. Peter said to Jesus, "Lord if it is you, tell me to come to you on the water." So Peter asked Jesus to give him the ability to come to him and walk on the water. Jesus replied, "Come". So Peter did. Sounds simple huh! Well if it was so simple why do you then see that Peter began to sink? It was doubt. He got in his OWN way!

Lessons from this:

  1. Ask - Peter asked for something. What have you been asking God? I relay this to business personally but this is anything that you have asked for. Write it down

  2. Listen- Jesus answered Peter's request. God will always provide you with an answer, we just have to listen. What has God told you to do? Write it down

  3. Do It- Peter was obedient once he heard the instruction. If you have something written down on number two, DO IT!

  4. Doubt- Even though Peter was walking on water, when he realized he was doing something out of HIS OWN comfort zone, he began to allow doubt to overtake him. He began to sink. Jesus asked him this, Why did you doubt? Are you in the place of doubt? Maybe you heard, and went straight to doubt and never took the step. Questions to ask yourself: What are you most afraid of (be honest you're the only one that will see this)? What has caused you to doubt your ability or self? Write your answers down Find workable solutions that will help you to remove those barriers. You may need to hire a coach to help you get unstuck.

Even the greatest CEOs will find themselves in times and seasons where they doubt their decisions. They may doubt their abilities. We all struggle with this in areas of our lives. We have to be able to honestly "do" before we "think" about it, because that is usually when we will take the leap of faith, and act on what we've been commissioned to do. Regardless of where you are today, remember that you'll never know what is inside of you, or what you're capable of until you GET OUT OF THE BOAT!

If you would like more information on our coaching sessions please click here, we'd love to speak with you.

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