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2020 Vision

Are you struggling to make things happen? You start the year with very hefty goals but end the year not accomplishing all that you desired. This year, we want to equip you with some tools to help you accomplish all or most of the goals you set each year. It all starts with a Vision. When you can see it, you are able to set goals to accomplish it. I know this doesn't always come easy for people, so below are 5 steps to creating your Vision. This can be used to establish your life, business, or ministry vision. Remember the "vision" isn't for today, but the long term goal of where you see yourself at the end. For instance, you're creating a new business, you would want to have a vision that would show the end result of the business, not just what can be accomplished today. The vision will continue to be work in progress, and once you're reaching the end result, it is time to create a new vision.

  1. DREAM BIG- When you are stuck in the day to day hum drum of life, you have difficulty seeing outside of your current situation. I encourage you to take time to sit back, relax, and dream. Think about what you want in the next 5, 7, 10 years. What does that look like? This can be for your personal or professional life. It can be used for your teams, or organization as a whole. People won't follow someone without a plan and vision. You will later need to sale the vision to those around you so dream big!

  2. Write it Down- When you put the pen to paper, something comes alive. It's like you are now making it official. Start with writing down what you see, what do you desire, this is yours so be as creative as you want. This is where vision boards come into play and why some people use them as a visual of what they want to obtain.

  3. Make it Plain- Now that you have the ideas all over your paper, and different items that you want included in the vision, put it into words that others will understand. Make it inspiring, share your passion. Make it plain to everyone what your vision is for your life, family, organization, ministry, etc.

  4. Communicate with Others- When you're creating your vision, it will take not only yourself, but others to accomplish it. If it is only for you to accomplish then it probably isn't big enough. You want to make sure that they are able to take the vision and understand their role. This also provides you with accountability, because others will help to keep you motivated on task.

  5. Don't Give Up- This is going to be challenging especially if you are like me and dream really really big. I see enormous plans but the plans have to then be put into bit size pieces for us to digest easily and take step by step. The vision isn't to be accomplished immediately, but over time. You will have the vision, write it down, make it palatable for everyone, and as you put smaller goals, and plans into place they should all be focused on the vision. If the focus is not aligning with the vision, then it is a waste of time, and you need to do something else.

In our next post you will find out how to take your vision and make it happen! Don't miss it. This is going to ensure that year over year you are successful in all that you do.

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