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Updated: Aug 27, 2021

#REBLOG Since we are now midway through the year, I wanted to remind you of where you started but you haven't finished yet! Let's GO!!

Have you ever felt like you have great ideas at the beginning of the year and then midway through the year you haven't accomplished anything you had in mind? That happens to so many of us, that I thought it was worth sharing some thoughts to keep you on track. In the blog 2020 Vision, you will find how to create a vision, and the importance of it. Now, you've created your vision, what comes next? Most of the time, the vision is years out, and now you have to take smaller steps to make that vision a reality.

  • Read your Vision- Read it over and over, share it with everyone you know. Get others engaged through your passion.

  • List your objectives- Write a list of all the ideas and thoughts you have about how you can accomplish your vision. Write down EVERYTHING even if it sounds stupid to you now it may be for later. Even if you don't have the means to do it now, write it down. Remember this vision is for an appointed time and you will be developing a plan that will help you accomplish it over a longer period of time.

  • Prioritize your List- After you have exhausted your thoughts on what you can do to make the vision come to life, prioritize all of the items. You may have some that you say Now, Year 1, Later. Once you've made this condensed list, take the now list, and prioritize it again. Remember, link everything back to the vision.

  • Build a Team- Start building your team of people that will help you accomplish your vision, and each part. Remember your team may change as time goes by, not everyone will stay around. Make sure your team consists of people that will keep you honest, and grounded. You don't want a lot of "yes" people around you because you won't grow, and some of your greatest ideas, will come from others not yourself. Make sure that they are committed to the same vision you are. Have accountability, if you say you're going to do it, they will make sure you do. You will also need someone that can make things happen. Someone that can help you with the tasks at hand or bring you the right connections.

  • Build a Plan- Start building a plan that you can add to over the next year. This should be your annual plan of what you want to accomplish. Take all the tasks you've prioritize and add them to a system that will work for you (I like to use excel). Make sure to add completion dates and desired outcomes.

  • Visit the Plan Monthly- Make sure that you carve out time to review your plan regularly. I recommend monthly, as it can become overbearing if you are doing it weekly. This can be something you look at and work with the team to make sure everything is getting done, or working towards it.

Remember this plan is fluid and will look very different if you are really using it by the end of the year. Items will have been moved and finalized, some will need to be put on hold, and others take priority. The goal is that everything you do this year should help you drive your vision! If it doesn't then rethink the importance of it. Have fun! This journey is something that you will one day look back on, so expect to make mistakes and learn from all the challenges. Take time to enjoy the process.

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